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Campus Behavior Coordinators

Austin                                 Lacie Jones, Principal

Lamar                                 Bethany Davis, Principal

Travis                                  Byron May, Principal

Wilson                                 Lisa Smith, Coordinator

Pampa Junior High             Sachio Petit, Principal

Pampa High School            Clay Jones, Principal

Pampa Learning Center      Carrie Williams, Director

College Credit

College credit can be earned at Pampa High School in two different ways. First, all AP courses offer an AP Exam at the end of the course. Students must make a 3 or above on the exam to gain college credit. One note….not all colleges accept the AP Exam as a credit for the course. Some will accept a 3 while others require at least a 4. Dual credit is done here through Clarendon College. The student receives college credit if they pass the class. Note….this credit will transfer to any college that accepts transfer credits from Clarendon College. College Credit can be earned in one of the above ways in the courses listed below. 

  • English
    • English III AP
    • English III DC (3 hours college credit)
    • English IV AP English IV DC (6 hrs college credit)
  • Mathematics
    • Pre-Calculus DC (6 hrs college credit)
    • Calculus AP
  • Foreign Language
    • Spanish V AP
  • Science
    • Biology AP
    • Chemistry AP
    • Physics 1 AP
    • Anatomy & Physiology of Human Systems DC
  • Social Studies
    • United States History AP
    • U. S. Government DC (3 hrs college credit)
    •  Economics DC (3 hrs college credit)
    • Psychology AP
    • Psychology DC (3 hrs college credit)
    • Human Geography AP