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Harvester Spirit Pampa ISD Logo

Pampa ISD is a District and community of people that live and work with the Harvester Spirit  in mind every day! We live and work each day with intentionality to reach our goals and ensure success for all. Our parents, community members, students, and staff all have one thing in common. We have a deep desire to achieve excellence in everything we do. 

Our mission as a school district is to produce learners who are compassionate, competent, confident and future-ready! In order to do that, we must create a safe environment where our students and staff engage in high quality, challenging, and meaningful learning experiences that empower and prepare us all for the future. Our purposeful attention to educating the whole child is evident in every decision we make and in every action we take.

We invite everyone in our community to get involved in our schools and work alongside our staff and students to not only create excellent schools, but to ensure that our community, our state, and our country continue to be beacons of hope and prosperity. 


Hugh Piatt II, Superintendent

Hugh Piatt, Superintendent