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Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

The goal of the Early Childhood Special Education Program is to provide early intervention services for any eligible child with an identified need who is between the ages of 3 and 5. Services are provided at no costs to parents.. Each child who meets eligibility for ECSE services will have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed through an Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee to address need in the following areas: Language/Communication, Social Behavioral, Gross and Fine Motor, Daily Living Skills, Pre-Academic and Academic concepts. All services are provided by professional staff in the areas of need for each child. Individualized Education Plans are developed collaboratively by a team who is familiar with the student both at home and in the school setting.

Under Child Find, it is our duty to "locate, identify, and evaluate" any child with a suspected developmental delay or other disability. Please contact our Special Populations Department at (806) 669-4700 if you have questions about Child Find or would like more information about special education services.