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Why Pampa ISD

Choosing your child's school is a big decision. Pampa ISD is here to help you make the best decision for your student's education.

What sets Pampa ISD apart from other school options?

It's simple. We have high-quality teachers, leaders, and programs.

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Our Vision

Our vision is for all our students to be courageous innovators utilizing their own unique abilities to invest in their world.

Our highly qualified staff, academic programs, outstanding extra-curricular programs, and support systems make us the right choice for your child's education.

No charter or private school can offer what we do.

Let's cut to the chase.

We know your time is valuable, so here are the facts about Pampa ISD and why we think our district is a great choice for your child. Also, if you read to the bottom of this page, we explain some reasons why parents sometimes do not choose us.

The goal of this page is to help you know what choices you have at Pampa ISD. This is not an enrollment page, but a link to our enrollment page can be found here.


Now, the Facts

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Our Students are Soaring to New Heights

More students are taking and passing AP/CLEP exams than ever before and we have several who graduated high school with an Associates Degree from our local Community College. Our Spanish Department is recognized as one of highest performing programs in the Panhandle with several students making a perfect score on their exam. 92% of Pampa High School students are engaged in CTE, learning skills in the classroom and on the job. 95% of our 2024 graduating class was CCMR ready.

We are preparing our students to be life-long learners and to enter their future with confidence.

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We Have the Best Technology Resources and State of the Art Facilities in Progress

Following the 2023 Bond, our community committed $130 million towards new campus renovations/additions, a new state-of-the-art CTE facility, and additional upgrades to all campuses.

Our Pre-K classrooms are equipped with iPads for each student to facilitate interactive learning. Elementary campuses are assigned classroom Chromebooks for every student and all secondary students are individually assigned Chromebooks for their classwork. Many of our classrooms are outfitted for advanced, interactive learning through SmartBoards and digital projectors.

The future of learning is already available in Pampa ISD. When your student graduates, they will be a part of the most tech-savvy workforce our nation has ever seen. We are preparing them for that future.

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We Offer Tuition-Free Early Childhood Education

At Pampa ISD, we believe the success of our students begins with their foundation. That's why we are committed to providing FREE early childhood education for all four-year-olds and qualifying three-year-olds.

We offer a campus that is designed completely for our early learners. With a strong emphasis on early literacy and hands-on learning experiences, your child will receive the best foundation for their educational journey.

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We Have Award Winning Visual and Performing Arts Programs

From elementary through high school, our programs develop the gifts and abilities of our students, inspiring their creativity and providing opportunities to express it through competitions and performances.

Many of our students pursue their dreams and continue their involvement in the Arts after high school.

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We Have Athletic Programs that Develop Future Leaders

Our goal for our athletes is not just to develop winning teams, but to develop leaders in our schools and for the future. We provide over 20 UIL sports for students to participate in. As a Harvester your student will learn what it means to "show up, work hard, and serve others."

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As promised, we wanted to give you the "why nots."

It's no secret that some parents don't choose Pampa ISD. Below are just a few myths that we have heard , with the facts to dispute them.

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Safety and security are not strong enough to feel comfortable.

Pampa ISD participates in The Guardian Plan, as well as, staffing two full-time resource officersThe Board desires to ensure the safety of students, school personnel and visitors, through authorizing a limited number of qualified District employees (“Guardians”) to possess certain CONCEALED firearms on school property to provide an effective and timely response to an emergency situation that poses an immediate threat to serious bodily injury and/or death. 

All participants have gone through multiple trainings and evaluations to become certified as Texas School Guardians.  There will be ongoing required training for all guardians. 

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Our student population and student-to-teacher ratio.

Most of our campuses house a large number of students, but we work to keep our classrooms and student-teacher ratios small. Our average teacher experience is between 8-10 years depending on the campus.

Your child will be known by name and will receive quality instruction and care from our experienced staff.

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Misinformation about the district's academic performance.

Our priority is that your child will reach his or her highest academic potential to graduate from high school prepared for college and/or the workforce in a global market. You can read about our Profile of a Graduate here.

We have a 93% graduation rate and our most recent graduating class earned over $718,000 academic scholarships to major universities!

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Smaller and private schools offer the same or better options.

Simply not true. No local public, charter, or private school can offer what we do.

We provide a wide variety of programs and class choices for your child. Our CTE programs offer 11 industry certifications and real-life experience with internships.

We provide services to meet the social, emotional needs of our students. Our Special Populations Department serves students with disabilities and offers a continuum of services for student’s with disabilities based on the individual student’s needs which are determined collaboratively by parents and school personnel.

There are many reasons why you should choose Pampa ISD.

If you are impressed with what you have learned here, you should check out the rest of what we offer.