Health Services

The Health Services Program provides medical supervision/services in support of school nurses, health education/health promotion, student assessment, the management of student medical needs, and the development of district policies and procedures.

School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that:

  • advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students
  • promotes health and safety
  • intervenes with actual and potential health problems
  • assists with positive student responses to normal development
  • collaborate with professionals in other disciplines to build student and family self management, self advocacy and learning.

School nursing assists students in

  • achieving optimal wellness to enhance readiness to learn
  • improve school attendance rates
  • ensure that students entering school are adequately immunized and free of communicable diseases and provides a continuum of health care for all students at school, home and in the community

District Nurse Coordinator/PHS

Tamara Gutierrez

Tamara Gutierrez, RN


Pampa Junior High

 Carily Epps


Carily Epps, L.VN


Heather Maul


Heather Maul, LVN


Austin Elementary



Lamar Elementary

JJ Slatten

JJ Slatten, RN


Travis Elementary

Deidra Garcia


Deidra Garcia, LVN


Andrea Silva


Andrea Silva, LVN


Wilson Elementary


Health Documents For Download

School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

  • SHAC Committee Members
    • Jera Salazar - Accolade Homecare & parent of student
    • Daniel Ortner – First Baptist Church & parent of student
    • Monica Galloway – Pregnancy support center
    • Amy Marquez – Pampa youth center & parent of student
    • Twilla Thomas – Director of Nurses at PRM & parent of student
    • Amy Silva Crain – Social Worker PRMC
    • Kim Moore – Physical Therapist PRMC
    • Nathan Maxwell – PISD Associate Superintendent of Personnel
    • Suzanne Pingel – PISD Social Worker
    • Tamara Gutierrez – PISD Nurse – coordinator
    • Rebel Fulton – PISD Child Nutrition
    • Sandee Stokes – PISD secretary
    • Mindy Murray– PE Lamar Elementary
    • Luis Nava- School Board member & parent

In accordance with Texas Education Code 28.004, the Pampa ISD Board of Trustees continues to support Big Decisions as the abstinence plus sexuality education curriculum for the district ( Board policy EHAA(LOCAL) supports the teaching of this program in grades 6-12 that provides minimal interference with the instruction of core curriculum. This curriculum will be minimally integrated into student learning over the course of the 2018-2019 school year. The PISD Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) encourages parent participation in monthly meetings to discuss a variety of topics, including this program. If you would like more information about this topic, want to review curriculum materials, or wish to remove your student from these lessons, please contact us at 806-669-4700.

Según 28.004 de Código de Educación de Texas, el Consejo Directivo del Distrito de Pampa sigue apoyando Grandes Decisiones como la abstinencia y el programa de Educación de la sexualidad del distrito ( Política del Consejo EHAA(LOCAL) apoya la enseñanza de este programa en los grados 6-12 que proporciona interferencia mínima con la instrucción del currículo. Este plan de estudios se integrarán mínimamente en aprendizaje a lo largo del año escolar 2018-2019. El Estudiante Salud Asesor Consejo (SHAC) de PISD fomenta la participación de los padres en reuniones mensuales para discutir una variedad de temas, como este programa. Si desea obtener más información acerca de este tema, quiera revisar materiales curriculares, o desea remover su hijo de estas lecciones, por favor contáctenos en 806-669-4700.