The overall goal of the CHAMPS classroom management system is to develop an instructional structure in which students are responsible, motivated, and highly engaged in the specific task at hand.

More particularly, the teacher's goal is to teach students directly how to be successful in specific class situations. The CHAMPS acronym represents the following:

  • Conversation: Can students converse during this activity? About what? With whom? For how long?
  • Help: How do students get your attention for help? How do students get questions answered? What should they do while they wait for you?
  • Activity: What is the expected end product of this activity? What is the task or objective?
  • Movement: For what reasons can students get out of their seats during this activity? Do they need permission to do so?
  • Participation: What behavior shows that students are participating or not participating?
  • Success: There are no questions for this one. When CHAMPS expectations are met, students will be successful.