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Gifted and Talented Services

Pampa ISD P.A.A.S Gifted and Talented Services




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GT State Plan

  • Per the Texas State Plan there is one referral window per a school year.

    Our window opens in the beginnig of November and closes the week before Thanksgiving break. Anyone can refer a student and parent consent is needed for testing to happen. 

    PAAS Referral Process

  • P.A.A.S stands for Pampa Advanced Academic Services, this refers to the academic services that are geared towards advanced academic opprotunities for learners that just need a different classroom activities and implementation to engage their mind.

    Services look different as children learn and grow but overall the goal of Advanced Academic Services is to create authentic project based learning opprotunities for learners to engage in throughout their educational career. 



Meet our Pampa Advanced Academic Team: 

An image of Marissa Lee

Marissa Lee

GT Coordinator
An image of Kelsey Rodriguez

Kelsey Rodriguez

JRHS GT Facilitator