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Enrichment Academies

Bilingual and ESL Summer Enrichment Academies Offer Students a Jump Start in Learning

1st through 5th Grade Bilingual and ESL Enrichment Academies were offered to English Language Learners this summer.  The focus at each grade level is on new material and vocabulary that will be covered in the student's subsequent academic year. Pre - teaching of the standards is accomplished in a fun and engaging lesson design.  This model has proven to be very successful as evidenced by the academic performance of the cohort group of students from last year.  Members of the Cohort group of students not only met but some of the students exceeded academic standards as measured by this year's State assessment.

The Academies and focus were:  1st and 2nd grade academy focused on literacy and numeracy, 3rd grade academy was a writing academy as students will take the State writing test next year for the first time, 4th grade academy was a science academy as students will take the State science test next year for the first time, and 5th grade academy was an accelerated English academy as students prepare to enter Pampa Junior High School.  Guest speakers and relevant field trips enhanced learning for academy students.

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