Cross the Line

When we hear that someone has “crossed the line” we most often make the assumption that something bad or inappropriate has happened. WHAT IF we changed this to mean something positive? WHAT IF CROSSING THE LINE was a powerfully positive action that someone has taken to do more, to be more, and to make a difference? The staff and students in Pampa ISD have asked ourselves this question. We asked ourselves if we were ready to CROSS THE LINE for our students, our families, our schools, and our community. Were we ready to cross the line for each other? The answer? A resounding YES!


We just completed the third week of school and there have already been countless examples of our staff and students crossing the line to learn more, to do more, and to achieve more. Together, we learned that to cross the line, four very specific decisions must be made by an individual: 1) choosing to commit, 2) working hard, 3) focusing, and 4) bouncing back. The decision to commit is made every day by showing up prepared both to teach and to learn. We must desire more than mediocrity in our lives and it begins with the decision to commit to being intentional about success. The hard work that so many individuals are exhibiting daily is inspiring and is the evidence that they want to be excellent teachers and successful students. Good things are rarely easy and real effort and attention are the fundamentals behind everything worthwhile. We have purposefully planned and trained to be laser-focused on the work not only through academic learning, but also on building the whole child through social and emotional supports. We must minimize distractions and our exposure to negativity in our lives. Sadly, this is becoming the number one problem in our homes, in our schools, and in society. And finally, the ability to bounce back is a life skill that every student, every teacher, every human can and must learn to be successful in life. Approaching our challenges with a growth mindset and an ability to learn from our mistakes is crucial to the development of not only our students and our professionals, but to all of mankind as well.


In Pampa ISD, we teach the curriculum that is mandated by our state, but we have a choice in HOW we do that every day. Our students must learn the content prescribed by the state, but they have a choice in HOW they approach the work and the challenges every day. My hope is that the next time you hear about someone CROSSING THE LINE in Pampa ISD it is because our students and our staff are making these four decisions EVERY DAY in EVERY WAY to be powerfully positive and that they are doing and achieving the things that make us all #Pampa Proud!


Tanya Larkin